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We offer two different types of maintenance and repair options for both Residential and Business users..

(1) Pay as you go optionnetwork maintenance

Everything from a simple health check, to fault finding and fixing.

We can provide maintenance to help fix the computer problems that you can do without in a busy office environment.

If you have a broken computer, let us have a look at it. We'll diagnose the problem and advise accordingly.

(2) Maintenance Plan optionNetwork Servers

Starting from as little as £60 per computer per annum, secure your computer from faults and breakdown.

This maintenance charge includes all labour and parts for all hardware problems arising during the covered period.

An exceptional deal allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that if a piece of hardware in your computer fails, you are covered by our quick and professional repair service.


In addition to maintenance and repairs, we can offer an upgrading facility.

Regardless of upgrading extra memory to upgrading a motherboard and processor we can help.

All upgrades are backed by our Service Guarantee.


Please Note:
To keep our charges low, these services are only available within a local radius in the North East of England area.

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