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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Q . How do I go about setting up a new web site?

A . The first thing to do is to think about what you are wanting to accomplish by having a web site.

You may wish to use it for advertising products to prospective new clients or for providing a service to your existing customers.   Regardless of what you wish to accomplish, the procedures are the same.

We can help you to decide what categories, products or services you wish to broadcast on your site.  This will give us an idea of how many pages your site will end up containing.

Q . What do "an IT job" offer?

A . We will discuss your requirements thoroughly with you and put your thoughts into reality.

We are experienced in numerous different technologies and as a result know how to avoid the pitfalls.

Firstly, we will create design templates of your site layout and include them in a full requirements proposal document.    This document will explain in detail (without unnecessary jargon):

  • How we will create the site (For instance, Flash, Dynamic Database pages etc)

  • What information you need to send us for inclusion, onto the site.

  • Timescales

  • Breakdown of Costs

When both parties have agreed on all items, we will then get to work creating the site.

Throughout the development period, we will remain in contact and you can view our progress and advise accordingly.

Once the site is totally completed and signed off by yourselves.  We will upload the site and make it live.

Q . I already have a web site can you modernise it?

A. No problem,  if you already have a site then we could give it a make-over or alternatively create a brand new site from scratch.  Depending on requirements, we will assess the amount of work involved and advise accordingly in the same way that we do for new sites.

Q. Can I add more items to my site?

A. Absolutely, most sites grow in time with new products, services etc. It is entirely up to you.

We can design database driven sites with a back office control panel which would enable yourselves to change page content without the requirement of any web design knowledge.

Alternatively, we can add pages and amend items accordingly. These choices would be discussed in out initial discussions with you.

Q. Do you register the site with Search Engines?

A. Yes we do, once the site is created, we would submit your site to "Google" for inclusion in their directory. This search engine is now considered to be the most widely used.

We would also place links to your site on our own site. This would mean that as our site is crawled by search engine spiders, they would also follow these links and crawl your site.

Q. Can you guarantee a good placement in the Search Engines?

A. No. No-one can guarantee a good placement (although some companies claim they can). Ranking placement depends on many factors too complex to be discussed in this document. We recommend that sites should be informative and include the keywords that you would expect people to search on.

Q. Can I preview the web site before it goes live?

A. Yes, throughout the full design process, we will post updates on our server for you to preview and advise accordingly.  We would never make a site live until you have agreed all items.

Q. Do I need to visit you to arrange the creation of my site?

A. Not unless you thought it to be absolutely necessary,  we believe our prices are very competitive, the added cost of traveling (and wasted time) is therefore a large overhead. Please look at our areas covered for comprehensive details on this question.

Thanks to e-mail, the majority of information can be sent digitally,  we always produce high quality documentation and you can check on our progress constantly, with regular updates on our server.

Q. How long will it take to create the site?

A. Clients requirements are different, the variables for the creation of a web site are quite considerable, basic sites can be designed and made live within a week, whereas complex sites can take over three months.

it is therefore quite inappropriate to specify a timescale without first knowing the full specification.

Once your requirements have been identified and preliminary designs agreed, we will produce an estimated timescale within our Requirements presentation to you.

Remember though, your site can be created in stages if time is of the essence.

Q. Do I need a Domain Name?

A. Absolutely, some hosting and web design companies let you use a sub domain ( however, that is advertising their business and not necessarily yours.

Domain names are so cheap these days (around £10 pa for a, everyone should be able to justify at least one. 

Q. Why should I choose "an it job" to create my site.

A. We believe our charges are very competitive, however we expect you to get quotes from other companies as well for comparison.

One point we do think is extremely important however, we put our clients quality and service first at all times.  We will not over-commit our resources just to make more money.

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